It All Comes Down To Discipline

Out of all the presentations I give, one of my favorites is called "The Joy of Discipline.”  I think some people actually grudgingly come to this talk!  Thinking, discipline…isn’t that a dirty word?  Ah, not so my fine friends!  It is the root of everything that is good.


One of my personal disciplines is a walk outside every day. I combine it with another one, listening to podcasts that inspire and excite me. These are two ways that I take care of myself and "sharpen the saw” as Stephen Covey would say.

This morning during my walk I was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Michael Hyatt's "This is Your Life.”   His podcast today was on taking care of your heart, and is called “How to Safeguard Your Most Important Asset.”  Little did I know it was completely about one of my favorite subjects, discipline!  At one point I wanted to yell out…YES! THIS IS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT!  (Which of course I didn't, since I tend to be shy about these things)  He gave great advice, and even made me think of a couple disciplines that I hadn't thought of before. I will be adding these to my talks now, along with what gets in the way of the discipline of the heart.  Thank you Michael!

I highly recommend taking a listen to this 32 minute podcast.  I've attached the link here and encourage you to take a restorative walk surrounded by all the beauty God has given us at this time of year, to gain clarity and inspiration. 

I’ll leave you with a paraphrased combo of a Michael/Stu tweet able, "We can't guard and develop our hearts in isolation. We can't develop our hearts and maintain them like we need to without being in relationship with others.  While solitude is needed, and awesome, it is also the time we spend in relationship with other people that we will find ourselves and who we really are." 

You have to be intentional about these relationships. They aren't going to happen without your active intention and participation.  It takes…yes…discipline.


That was my prayer this morning as I got teary eyed while reading Bon Appetit magazine. There is a passion simmering within me that hasn't come to a boil in a couple years now. I used to love to impress my husband, family and friends with my culinary prowess.  I was the go-to person among my friends for birthday cakes. What happened?  Life. 

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Journal Your Journey

Take time for yourself to write in your journal.   

Take time for yourself to write in your journal.


Your journey to health and wellness can be an emotional one.  It can reveal things about yourself that you may have not known before.  Simply by listening to your body and being mindful about your thoughts and emotions, you can uncover what drives you away from health, as much as what drives you toward it.

As holistically healthy women, we understand that there is an emotional and mental aspect to our physical health.  It’s what drives us to order the chocolate chip pancakes at a restaurant rather than the omelet or oatmeal.  Or, in a stressful situation, the decision to stop, pray and breathe…or just soldier on.  Why we do what we do and make the decisions we make is where the battle often lies.  Knowing ourselves gives us the huge opportunity to make changes for the better.

This is why I strongly recommend something I urge all of my clients to do…

Journal Your Journey

Writing down your thoughts and emotions will clear your mind and help you make sense of what you’re thinking and feeling.  It will expose your patterns and your barriers, along with what motivates you.  I encourage you to write about how you feel physically, and include what you ate the previous day, or even right before the journal entry.  Rate your energy level and your mood.   Journaling can be so revealing!  As you gain clarity, you will feel invigorated and inspired, especially as you record your accomplishments!  

Here are two questions for you to get your started with your journal this week.  As we read in the Spiritual section (link), God’s love for us is unconditional.  Consider this:  What areas of perfection do you hold yourself to that God doesn’t really care about?  What about things you know you need to work on to live a more God pleasing life?

Please share some of your thoughts with me – I look forward to reading them!