A Journey Toward Wellness


We're all on a journey.  My journey to holistic wellness spans decades. I take the life experiences I've had, combined with a certification in nutrition and holistic health to help you on your journey to wellness!

Starting when I was 17 and "on my own" in the big world, I worked 9-5 jobs in banks and travel agencies and lived a life that felt like Groundhog Day. I can help you find meaning and purpose in the mundane, and help you create a life that is fulfilling and has purpose!

9 years later, I got a great opportunity. It involved a lifestyle that included a lot of travel, making quotas, and good money. Unfortunately it is easy to buy into the work hard play hard mindset. Early mornings, late nights, 70 hour weeks, eating poorly, unhealthy relationships and questionable decisions can be the pitfalls. It is absolutely within one's reach to have a high stress corporate job without falling into the mistakes that I made. Let me help you slow down and breath again. You can be healthy and successful! You can have both and be a more valuable employee at the same time!



Between the 14 crazy years and becoming a health and wellness professional, I lived a life pursuing my interests. I studied early church history, theology and spirituality seemingly non-stop. Tennis, cooking, interior design, gardening and taking care of family filled my days. This was nine years of a lifestyle where I got to figure out who I was and what life was about.

Are you a busy parent? Emptynester? I can help you find your identity outside of the roles you play in other people's lives. Being able to prioritize your health in a holistic manner benefits everyone around you, and makes you a better caregiver to your family and your friends!

Balance is something that needs to be worked on no matter what your life looks like. It doesn't just happen.

Together we can make a difference!


Striving to live a holistically healthy, Christ centered life